Embrace the Power of Softness with

‘Soft and Surrendered’

Discover, Nurture, and Celebrate Your Feminine Essence

Have you ever felt the weight of always having to be strong, independent and in control?

Dive into a transformative experience that celebrates the power of vulnerability, softness, and the art of surrendering

Master Delicate Strength and Fierce Softness with Our Online Course

In a world that often demands you to be robust and unyielding, ‘Soft and Surrendered’ provides a sanctuary. Here, you’re encouraged to:

  • Find beauty in surrender: Release societal pressures and let the world glimpse the radiant, authentic woman within
  • Let go: Shed the armor, open your heart, and connect to a power that’s inherently yours
  • Discover the Depth of Receiving: Dive deep into self-understanding and amplify your capacity to embrace life’s riches, both subtle and grand

Key Course highlights

Tap Into Femininity

Sensual Empowerment and Sacred Sexuality Training

Dive deep into practices that celebrate and amplify your innate femininity and let go of societal demands. Reconnect with the beauty of your sacred sensual spaces and own your sensuality

Heartfelt Openness

Heart-Centered Living & Open-hearted Communication

Techniques to dismantle emotional walls and make genuine connections. Unveil techniques for heartful communication techniques and cultivate a life led by the heart

Receptive Awakening

Mastering the Art of Receiving and the Grace of Surrender

Immerse in strategies to amplify your feminine energy activation, surrender, and wholeheartedly receive life’s treasures while embracing love and abundance

The Spiritual Self-Discovery Awaiting in 'Soft and Surrendered'

in ‘Soft and Surrendered’ melt into:

Comprehensive Feminine Essence Course Curriculum

Dive deep into a sacred beginning, anchoring yourself in embodiment and intention. Cultivate a space that acts as your personal sanctuary, enveloping yourself in sensory delights and the power of visualization.

🌹 You’ll gain: A rooted foundation, tools to create an intentional spiritual space, and the ability to fully immerse in the journey ahead.

Journey to meet your inner priestess and dance with feminine qualities longing to be awakened. Embrace pain and pleasure, traverse the dance of masculine and feminine energies, and find safety within their union.

🌹 You’ll gain: Insight into your personal feminine essence, tools for shadow work, and a strengthened inner masculine protector.

Shift from survival to thriving by realigning with your inherent flow. Learn the art of single-tasking, relish in the act of receiving, and reclaim the power of your emotions and softness.

🌹 You’ll gain: Strategies to move from stress to ease, deepen self-compassion, and amplify your daily joy.

Celebrate the temple that is your body and the world around you. Reconnect with Earth, honor your sacred parts, and indulge in the sensuality of all senses.

🌹 You’ll gain: A renewed bond with your physical self, rituals for sensual living, and tools to uplift your environment’s energy.

Illuminate the corridors of your desires. Delve into the expansive power of wanting, receiving, and being filled with life’s offerings.

🌹 You’ll gain: A rejuvenated sense of longing, tools to amplify your desire, and playlists to prolong the sensation.

Shift your center to the heart, your portal of boundless love and connection. Learn practices to massage and open the heart to its deepest yearnings.

🌹 You’ll gain: Techniques for heart-centered living, a deeper bond with self, and embodied practices for open-heartedness.

Sync with your natural rhythms, moon cycles, and the ever-changing dance of your being. Embrace every facet of your feminine essence.

🌹 You’ll gain: A profound connection to your inner seasons, tracking tools, and personalized affirmations.

Master the art of heartful communication. Ask for what you desire, speak vulnerably, and liberate your voice’s authentic timbre.

🌹 You’ll gain: A profound connection to your inner seasons, tracking tools, and personalized affirmations.

Merge spirituality with sensuality, entering the realm of sacred sexuality. Experience deep surrender and a union with your innermost desires.

🌹 You’ll gain: A deeper understanding of sexual spirituality, tools for openness in intimate moments, and practices to explore and honor your sexuality.

In a world that often demands unwavering strength, ‘Soft and Surrendered’ offers you a refuge. Reconnect with your femininity, drop the emotional guards, and rediscover the transformative power of surrender

Are you tired of the constant hustle? Feeling like there’s a deeper, more intuitive, and passionate side of you waiting to be unveiled?

Is 'Soft and Surrendered' Your Gateway to Spiritual Self-Discovery?

Explore if our course resonates with your soul's yearning for sacred sensuality training and personal transformation.

This course has been specifically designed for you if you ever felt one of these: 

The realm of sacred sexuality intrigues you; you wish to explore its depths, merging spirituality with sensuality


Deep down, you feel like a bud waiting for the right conditions to blossom, to unfurl in all your radiant, feminine glory

While you’ve been leading with your masculine energy, a delicate feminine force within wishes to twirl into the spotlight

Your relationships, especially the intimate ones, feel clouded by miscommunications or walls you can’t seem to breach

You crave not just physical touch, but the caress of understanding, the embrace of genuine self-love

You sense that there’s more beauty, sensuality, and passion to life than what you’ve been experiencing

The world’s hustle has left you yearning for a deeper connection to your essence, to the intimate rhythms of your soul

Beneath the facade of strength and independence, there’s a soft voice beckoning you to drop the shield around your heart

Exclusive Benefits and Offerings

What Awaits You: A Journey of Sensual Empowerment and Feminine Energy Activation

Lifetime access to the self-paced program

9 curated modules for profound transformation

Audio lessons, meditations, and videos for insight and activation

A Workbook with tools and exercises for seamless integration

Are You Ready to Transform? Unlock the Power of 'Soft and Surrendered' Today!

Embark on a journey to discover sacred spaces, divine dance, sensual living, heartfelt receiving, and the joy of sexual surrender 


$ 247
  • Life-time access to the digital course
  • The S&S workbook


$ 87 / months (3 payments)
  • Life-time access to the digital course
  • The S&S workbook

vip experience

$ 427
  • Life-time access to the digital course
  • The S&S workbook
  • 3x 1:1 coaching calls w/ Lika
  • Support between calls

Answering Your Heartfelt Queries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

‘Soft and Surrendered’ is a transformative feminine essence course designed to guide you in nurturing and celebrating your innate femininity. Dive into spiritual self-discovery, heart-centered living, and experience the art of receiving in its purest form.

This program offers techniques and practices that allow you to embrace femininity from a place of empowerment. It provides tools to amplify your feminine energy activation, allowing you to balance and weave the dance of masculine and feminine energies.

Absolutely! The course is deeply rooted in spiritual self-discovery. Modules like ‘The Opening’ and ‘The Initiation’ delve into sacred beginnings, anchoring yourself, and meeting your inner priestess, promoting personal transformation for women.

‘Soft and Surrendered’ places a significant emphasis on sensual empowerment. It helps you to establish sacred sensual spaces, understand the sacred dance of divine polarities, and fully indulge in the art of sensual living, merging spirituality with sensuality.

The module ‘Openness in Communication’ centers around heartful communication techniques. It equips participants with the skills to communicate vulnerably, express their genuine self, and harness the power of open-hearted receiving.

Yes, ‘Soft and Surrendered’ dives into the realm of sacred sexuality training in the ‘Sexual Surrender’ module. This segment helps you explore deep surrender, understanding the rapture of sexual spirituality, and the intricate weaving of passion and reverence.

You’ll receive lifetime access to this feminine essence course, including all modules, audio lessons, meditations, and more. This ensures you can pace yourself and re-visit the materials whenever you wish to reconnect with your feminine energy activation.

Absolutely. ‘Soft and Surrendered’ is crafted for those feeling the weight of always having to be strong. This course celebrates the power of vulnerability and the strength in softness, guiding you to drop the shields and rediscover the softness in strength.

If you’re someone yearning for a deeper connection to your essence, wanting to sync with the intimate rhythms of your soul, or aiming to unveil the beauty and power of softness, this course is for you. It’s suitable for all women, regardless of their journey into embracing their femininity.

When you embark on the ‘Soft and Surrendered’ journey, you’ll gain access to 9 meticulously crafted modules. These modules are infused with audio lessons, transformative meditations, embodiment practices (complete with demonstration videos), and a comprehensive workbook designed for deep introspection, tangible homework, and effective integration of each session’s teachings. This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only absorb the wisdom but also apply and embody it in tangible ways.

Given the profound nature and the immediate access to the transformative content of the course, we are unable to offer refunds. We encourage participants to fully commit to their journey of embracing femininity and spiritual self-discovery.

‘Soft and Surrendered’ is meticulously crafted for individuals truly ready to dive deep and take full responsibility for their transformative journey. While the course offers powerful tools, techniques, and wisdom for embracing your feminine essence, the results are deeply personal and depend on your dedication and willingness to immerse in the work. Though we passionately believe in the potential for transformation, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes as they are intertwined with individual commitment and application.

Lika is dedicated to supporting your journey in ‘Soft and Surrendered.’ Should you have any questions or require clarifications regarding the course content, feel free to reach out via email at info@lika-coaching.com or on Instagram at @lika_holyholistic. Please note, however, that while Lika is available for course-related queries, extended coaching is not part of this support. For those seeking deeper, one-on-one guidance, Lika offers various options for personalized 1:1 support.

For further questions please contact us below

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