21 day challenge to

‘RESET & Align’

Feeling disconnected, stuck, or misaligned with your life’s purpose?

Imagine breaking free from the cycle and living a life filled with meaning and direction.

Are you feeling lost and yearning for a way out?

Join our 21-Day Challenge to Reset and Align our transformative program will guide you when you feel off, out of alignment, and longing for a life that makes sense to you.

Join our 21-DAY CHALLENGE, crafted to help you break free from feeling disconnected, stuck, and misaligned.

Together, we’ll explore how to embrace your true self, set empowering boundaries, and rediscover your purpose. It’s your time to thrive—live a life that’s truly yours, authentic, and aligned with your deepest desires.

The most ALIGNED and purposeful version of you awaits

in ‘RESET & Align’ you'll learn:

RESET & Align Syllabus





Day 3

Observe, take notes, dream and start playing


Commitment and devotion

Day 5

Your values and your essence


Deepest desires


Gratitude and appreciation

Day 8

Nurture, nourish and love

Day 9

Meditation and introspection

Day 10

Vision Board

DAY 11

Environment check in

DAY 12

Take messy actions

Day 13

Do something new outside your comfort zone

Day 14

Self respect, self love and boundaries

Day 15

Clearing limiting beliefs and removing blocks

DAY 16

Be your own cheerleader

DAY 17

Calm and deep nervous system recalibration

Day 18

Connecting to your body and somatic embodiment

Day 19

Sacred Self Massage

Day 20

20 minutes a day to just BE

DAY 21

Celebration day, Magick and Play

If nothing makes sense anymore, you don’t feel like yourself and life feels like a giant mess, ‘RESET & Align’ offers you a guide to COME BACK to the real YOU.

Reconnect with your deepest desires, purpose and alignment and let yourself blossom into the next level version of you

'RESET & Align' is for you if...

You dream of a life that feels meaningful and authentic, tailored to your unique desires and values

You’re ready to take actionable steps towards self-love, personal growth, and manifesting your dream future

You’re tired of feeling stuck, unmotivated, and unsure of your purpose and are ready for a change

You feel disconnected from your true self and crave a life where you feel more like yourself every day

What you get...

No fluff straight to the point audio teachings per day 

Actionable steps to take everyday

A life-time Access to the digital course

Start your 21-day challenge to reset and align now


$ 33
  • 21 Audio Teachings with Lika
  • Practices and Homework
  • Life-time access to the digital course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this course, you’ll learn effective strategies for finding alignment and purpose again, especially if you’ve been feeling confused, lost or stuck lately. 

his course is ideal for anyone who feel out of alignment and want to have a big reset in their lives, aligning with their desires and purpose, getting to know themselves better and are also too busy to follow hours long classes. In RESET and align you’ll have 2 to 10 minutes long audio guidance straight to the point 

 « RESET & Align » is a 21-day online program. But you can take it at your own pace

Absolutely! The course is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Each module can be completed at your own pace, and you’ll have access to resources and tools to engage with when it suits your schedule best

Due to the nature of the course we don’t offer any refund.

RESET & Align Course is for those who are truly committed and ready to take 100% responsibility for their results. If you truly do the work and apply all of what is provided in the program you’ll be transformed, however we can’t guarantee any results as they depends on you and your willingness to do the work

Lika will be available to answer any question or clarification needed regarding your journey in this course. By email at info@lika-coaching.com or on instagram at @lika_coaching (might take longer to respond)

However Lika will not give extended coaching. For in depth coaching you can check the various options Lika has available for 1:1 support. 

No, there are no prerequisites for this course. It is open to anyone interested in finding alignment and purpose and in interested in self-growth and personal development 

For further questions please contact us below

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