Embrace your truth and authenticity with

‘Bye Bye People Pleaser’

Eradicate self comprising tendencies and learn the art of boundaries

Are you ready to stop saying ‘yes’ when your heart says ‘no’ ?

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you put yourself first for a change ?

Is the fear of letting others down keeping you from living your truth ?

Empower yourself to set boundaries with confidence and embrace your True Self with our online course

Join our 4 steps program, crafted to help you let go of the heavy load of people-pleasing.

 Together, we’ll explore how to establish healthy boundaries and grow your self-love. It’s your time to shine—live a life that’s truly yours, authentic and unburdened by the need to please others. 

The most empowered version of you awaits

in ‘Bye Bye People Pleaser’ you'll learn:

BBPP Syllabus

Module 1

Understanding People-Pleasing

Discover the roots and impacts of people-pleasing behaviors and begin the journey toward recognizing and changing these patterns for greater personal freedom and healthier relationships

Module 2

Cultivating Self-Love and Acceptance

Learn to nurture and appreciate your true self through practical self-care techniques and positive self-reflection, building a strong foundation of self-love and personal acceptance

Module 3

Setting and Enforcing Boundaries

Gain the tools and confidence needed to establish and communicate clear boundaries, empowering you to protect your energy and prioritize your well-being effectively

Module 4

Embracing Authenticity

Explore ways to live authentically and express your true self boldly and without fear, enhancing your life’s fulfillment and aligning your actions with your deepest values

In a world that constantly pressures you to conform, be nice and compliant, ‘Bye Bye People Pleaser’ offers you liberation. 

Reclaim your authenticity, set firm boundaries, and experience the empowering freedom of living true to yourself

'Bye Bye People Pleaser' is for you if...

You feel guilty when you put your needs first or when you try to set boundaries

You seek to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and learn practical tools for self-advocacy

You prioritize others’ needs and happiness over your own to the point where your own well-being suffers

You want to build stronger, more genuine relationships based on mutual respect rather than approval-seeking

You struggle with saying ‘no’ and often feel taken advantage of in personal or professional relationships

You’re tired of feeling unappreciated and want to cultivate a life where your efforts and desires are valued

You find yourself frequently agreeing to commitments that you later regret or feel overwhelmed by

You often feel responsible for how others feel and go out of your way to maintain peace or make others happy

What you get...

What Awaits You: A Journey of True Empowerment and LIBERATION

Audio and video teachings with Lika

Practices, Tests, Challenges & Homework

A life-time Access to the digital course

in BBPP you'll gain:



Are You Ready to Transform? Start your jouney now!


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  • Audio & Videos Teachings with Lika
  • Practices, Tests and Homework
  • Life-time access to the digital course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this course, you’ll learn effective strategies for overcoming people-pleasing behaviors, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating self-love. Our modules cover understanding people-pleasing, developing self-acceptance, enforcing boundaries, and embracing authenticity to empower you to live a more fulfilling life.

his course is ideal for anyone who struggles with saying ‘no’, feels overwhelmed by commitments, or wants to improve their relationships through better boundary-setting. It’s perfect for those looking to enhance their confidence and live more authentically

 « Bye Bye People Pleaser » is a four-module online program. Each module audio teachings guided embodiment practices videos, exercises, journal prompts, challenges, tests and a go further section with specific Q&A

Absolutely! The course is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Each module can be completed at your own pace, and you’ll have access to resources and tools to engage with when it suits your schedule best

Due to the nature of the course we don’t offer any refund.

BBPP Course is for those who are truly committed and ready to take 100% responsibility for their results. If you truly do the work and apply all of what is provided in the program you’ll be transformed, however we can’t guarantee any results as they depends on you and your willingness to do the work

Lika will be available to answer any question or clarification needed regarding your journey in this course. By email at info@lika-coaching.com or on instagram at @lika-coaching (might take longer to respond)


However Lika will not give extended coaching. For in depth coaching you can check the various options Lika has available for 1:1 support. 

No, there are no prerequisites for this course. It is open to anyone interested in learning how to manage people-pleasing tendencies and live a more authentic life

For further questions please contact us below

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